Wei Zhong Leong, Ph.DPostdoctoral Fellow

Wei Zhong earned his PhD in Cancer Biology from National University of Singapore in 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Takaomi Sanda where he focused on the aberrant transcription and molecular pathogenesis of acute leukemia. Together with his colleagues, they studied the relationship between transcription factor binding at enhancers, histone markers and chromatin interaction in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) cells and elucidated the oncogenic role of ARID5B in mediating transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in T-cell leukemogenesis (Leong et al., Genes and Development, 2017). In his research, Wei Zhong utilized the Zebrafish as an in vivo model for analysing the functional and tumorigenic ability of candidate oncogenes.

Currently, Wei Zhong is interested in the field of stem cells and its potential as a therapy. He joined Dr. David Scadden’s laboratory in October 2018 to extend his knowledge and techniques in stem cells and regenerative biology. Using Host-Cell Reactivation Assay, Wei Zhong aims to elucidate the roles of DNA repair pathways in hematopoiesis and their possible association with leukemogenesis.

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