Ting Zhao, Ph.DPostdoctoral Fellow

Ting earned his PhD in Cell Biology from Peking University, China in 2016 under the supervision of Professor Hongkui Deng. In his PhD study, he and colleagues originally developed and optimized a robust chemically-induced reprogramming system, which is a fundamental approach to reprogram mature cells into pluripotent state by the induction of small molecules (Zhao et al., Cell, 2015). Then, he and colleagues investigated the molecular roadmap of chemical reprogramming by single-cell RNA-sequencing and uncovered new mechanistic insights into the nature of induced pluripotency (Zhao et al., Cell Stem Cell, 2018).

Ting joined Dr. David Scadden’s laboratory in 2017 and is interested in integrating chemical approach and novel culture systems to study malignancies and hematopoietic system. His first project focuses on applying small molecule screening to understand how cancer cells are blocked in an immature state and to develop differentiation therapy to osteosarcoma, the most common primary bone cancer. His second project aims to reconstitute an in vitro niche for hematopoietic system to investigate, for example, the self-renewal program of HSCs.