Eliza ScaddenResearch Technician

Eliza joined the MGH/HMS research community in Dr. David Scadden’s laboratory at the end of November 2016. Arriving after studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Eliza seeks to expand her enthusiasm for biochemistry into the biomedical field and translational areas of medical research. Ultimately, Eliza plans to continue pursuing the Physician-Scientist path, as she considers the avenues of both MD/PhD and MD educational training.

While in the laboratory, Eliza has the privilege of working with three post doctoral and faculty appointed scientists in areas of hematologic malignancy microenvironment, bone marrow transplantation studies, tumor microenvironment, metastatic molecular and cellular characterizations, bone marrow niche heterogeneity and hematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity in various contexts of biochemically challenged environments i.e. radiation, chemotherapy and genotoxic stress induction. As research progresses, Eliza believes this immensely rich intellectual community of phenomenal science, medicine and colleagues will further solidify her specific research interests and provide an opportunity to provide meaningful contribution to the field.